Monday, February 25, 2013

Email 02-11-13

Howdy howdy!! This week was a very good week as well as last was a good week. We saw a lot of interesting things this past week.

The first thing that happened this week that was a huge opportunity for us is that we had the privilege of going to Los Reyes to see a wedding!! My third time going and it was way cool. Took lots of pictures. Their names are Rafael and Elizeth. They have three little kids who are way awesome. Fernando is 6, Angel is 4, and Yaretsi is 2. They are so cute and full of energy always. They have also given me a new name. I'm now Elder Mago to them. Meaning the Magic Elder because evidently I can do magic haha. We'll see how that works out for a career. Rafael and Elizeth had a baptismal date for this Saturday, but after the wedding Rafael succumbed to peer pressure and relapsed into his old drinking habits. They won't be being baptized this weekend as planned. However, we will still be having one baptism this weekend.

Her name is Nancy. She's 22, works as a dishwasher, and has a very big testimony of repentance and the Book of Mormon. She has been way awesome to teach. Our first lesson with her when we gave her a reading assignment, she had prepared a "summary" of the chapter that we had left. Well this written summary, was basically the chapter that we left. It was way funny. We almost busted up laughing so hard. I had to bite my finger behind my Book of Mormon so I wouldn't laugh. She still continues doing this, but now we are ready everytime. She also had a problem with forgiveness. She told us about two weeks ago that she couldn't forgive her dad for him leaving the family and she wouldn't ask for forgiveness either for the things that she had said to him. However, last week she told us that one night after reading, she prayed for the strength to do those two things to help her complete her repentance process. In the morning, she woke up, knew she had the strength to do it, and went and did it. That was so huge for her. She was so excited to tell this to us. It was way awesome.

Well it is now official. It is my last week with my companion Elder Canche. He will be returning home next week. That is way crazy to think about. Something else that is way crazy to think about is that in a year and a half I will only have one week left as well. Time is going by way too fast. It looks like I will be staying here in Tlaltenco 2 for possibly 4 more months. That could be way interesting. More information next week on transfers and everything else. I hope everybody is doing well. Please also tell Trevor that I say happy birthday on the 15th. I love you all very much. Have a great week.

Elder Frazier

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