Monday, February 25, 2013

Email 02-03-13

Dang there's a lot in this letter lol. I love it!.

Howdy howdy family!!! This week was a fantastic week. I had a great time. Well I was sick for most of the time. Monday Elder Canche got really sick and asked me to give him a blessing and then after I prayed for a long time asking Heavenly Father to help my companion and that I would do whatever he told me to help him. Heavenly Father answered my prayer. The next day, I was the one who was extremely sick and Elder Canche was feeling 100% better. I was very grateful for being able to help my companion with that. That was a blessing for us. Right now I feel a lot better. I worked every day this week.

Really exciting game for the Super Bowl. I had the 49ers winning it at 24 21, but that's okay. Way crazy not watching it to be honest, but I was doing something more important. I'm also way excited to hear about Districts. I was literally going to ask how that went. I'd also like to know what's going on with Delta. Who's coaching, how's state looking. The usual please. I'm really glad to see that you guys went to Stake Conference. That's really awesome mom. Thank you for continuing being active you guys. That is such a huge blessing. I'm also way excited to hear about DSU. Sounds like they're doing some good things this year. That's awesome. Trevor's letter was sent also. Along with your guys letter too.

That is so cool to hear about Taylor!! I know her. She knows me too. What a great change for her in her life. That is an example of the Atonement working in her life. I'm very proud of her. Tell Houston I'm also very proud of him for being a member missionary. That is such an awesome experience. Please tell Houston that I am very proud and grateful for his help in the missionary work. Also please tell him to tell Taylor that I'm very proud of her and the step that she has taken to change her life. That is way awesome and I'm soooooo excited for her.

Today I wrote a letter to Coach Morris. I'm very grateful for everything he did for me. I'm also very grateful for the binder of letters that you made for me mom. That means a lot to me. I do read it lol. It doesn't just sit in my closet. Well I can't believe it! It's raining outside right now. Pretty crazy. In two weeks we'll be having transfers for sure. Elder Canche will be returning home with honor in two weeks. He's been an awesome companion and we're doing a lot of hard work. We might be having a wedding this week as well. That would be very awesome. It would also mean two more people will be entering into the waters of baptism and starting their journey for the temple here very soon. We're way excited.

I love you all very much. You're amazing.

Elder Frazier

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