Monday, February 25, 2013

Email 01-27-13

Hahaha Brother Downey is awesome. I love you too lol.

Howdy howdy. This week was a fantastic week once again here in the mission. First, mom my back is fine. Don't worry about what the doctor said. It's honestly nothing to do with that. My feet are fine as well. They are better and I'm doing good with my health.

So this week was very good. Yes we did have our first baptism together Elder Canche and I. This family is awesome. The story starts back in Olivos when I was with Elder Ruiz. José and Miriam and their daughters showed up at the church one day while Elder Ruiz and I were waiting for our Ward Mission Leader. We gave them a tour and took down their directions and sent the reference to the elders here in Tlaltenco. I forgot about this family after that. Well our first day here in Tlaltenco, Elder Canche and I found them. I recognized them immediately and we started teaching them. This last Saturday, they were both baptized, Miriam and Karen, by their dad. That was such a wonderful experience. I'm so happy for them and know that I will be seeing them in one year as they go through the temple. On Sunday, I was told in Sacrament Meeting that I would be confirming Miriam. Yeah I didn't know that was going to happen. I was a little worried because Saturday I started getting sick and by that night I could barely talk. So to confirm her infront of everybody, I was worried my voice wouldn't hold out. However, when I put my hands on her head and started the confirmation, my voice was like normal. Like it was without me being sick. I didn't realize what happened until after I ended when I started speaking like I was sick again. What an amazing experience. I was so excited to be an instrument in the Lord's hands.

Another really cool thing that happened this week was I received a letter!!!! The letter was from Trevor!!!!!!! I was so stoked to get that letter from him. I wrote him back today and it will be in the mail in one week. Please tell him I got his letter and it'll be in the mail next week.

There were two bads things that happened this week. The first is we ran out of gas in our apartment on Friday. Saturday asked for gas from the people who sell gas down the street. Told us that they would come and.....didn't come. What a surprise. NOT. The second time that's happened to us. So Saturday and Sunday we showered with Ice Cold Water. Fun stuff right there let me tell ya. Today we asked for gas again. Told us they'd bring it in 30 min. What happened this time......that's right. Didn't bring the gas. Tomorrow morning I might have to talk to them. The other bad thing was that I found out that last night, Elder Baruch our district leader, failed to send my letters to you guys and George and Julia. This is now the second time he's failed to do that and tomorrow I will be talking to him. The gloves might come off too because we have been having a lot of problems with him lately. We'll see what happens.

I'm sad to hear about Grammy. She's tough. She can push through anything lol. I'll be remembering her in my prayers as well as all of the family. Mom you need to take it easy. Pnemonia is not something to be taken lightly. Yes I know you had it before but that is no excuse to continue pushing yourself until the doctor makes you have bed rest. Please take it easy. I love you all very much. You have no idea the amount of love I have for you all.

Elder Frazier

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