Monday, February 25, 2013

Email 01-14-13

Howdy howdy mom. Thank you so much for the email and the pictures. I'm so so so excited to hear about Aunt Julia's baptism. I am so happy for that. You all look awesome in the pictures. I'm very happy that all is well with you guys there. I'm sure Riley and Leslie are missing you, but that's okay. It'll help them grow up. That's pretty cool that you were really close to our country. I'm way excited to hear that everything is going great there. I can't really send any pictures right now because it's a weird computer place.

This week was a great week, but ended with a day of my patience being tested to the extreme. The highlights of this week, was in one of our lessons, someone tried saying that I didn't know the Book of Mormon was true. OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH SNAP!! Really?? Yeah that's what she said. She said that I only wanted it to be true and that I didn't know for a certainty. That is not something you say to a missionary who finished the Book of Mormon for the first time in Spanish and received his answer that it was true. Yeah I gave her the biggest in your face testimony I've ever given in my life lol. Which also included being filled with the Spirit and perceiving her thoughts. That was pretty cool. Yes I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish for the first time in less than three months. I read the Book of Mormon in less time than it took for Joseph Smith to translate it. That was the goal for the entire mission and I did it. I was pretty stoked. A very special day. So yesterday in church was a very interesting day. To start it off, the first counselor kept asking us for the names of the people we had in the church that day and we kept telling him not everyone was here yet so he needed to wait. Well Mr. Hot to Trot didn't want to wait so he just left and couldn't go ask for the names of the people that we had. He's too good to do that lol. Next, right before the passing of the sacrament, a crazy ex missionary, girl exmissionary, sent us a text asking why we didn't pass one of our investigators names up and told us to start doing our job. Yeah more about her in a minute. Next in gospel principles, our District Leader needed to talk to us during the class and as I was signaling to my companion that Elder Baruch needed us, without making any noise, the wife of the first counselor/teacher, yelled at us and told us that we were showing a lack of respect for her and the rest of the class and that we needed to leave the class now. I didn't hear the rest of what she said because I left with Elder Canche before she could finish. Yeah I was doing everything I could to stay calm. However, after the class, the exmissionary girl wanted to talk to Elder Canche and I about something. So we decided to listen to her knowing she was going to "chew us out" which was true. I was fine with everything until she came to the part of saying that my companion was "dying in the mission because he's coming to the end of his mission." Oh man. It took everything I had to not tell her off. I won't tolerate people talking bad about my companion. That is something that will not happen. This ward is a trial of patience because I know how a ward should be run, and they aren't doing it the right way and wonder why they aren't having a lot of members.

Anyway this week was a very good week for us. We are working very hard and expecting a baptism very soon. I can't wait. Right now I haven't gone to the doctor. We're going tomorrow. I'll have more information next Monday. Thank you all for the letters. I will be writing a letter to Aunt Julia and Uncle George next week and I wrote a letter to Kelleena today. I got the christmas package from Grandma and Grandpa, but nothing else. Maybe this week.

I love you all very much. Keep up the good work at home and I'm very grateful for your spirituality mom. That is fantastic to hear about all the changes that are happening. I love you. More info next week on everything.

Elder Frazier

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