Monday, February 25, 2013

Email 01-20-13

Howdy howdy family!

So cool to hear about the awesome time you had in Calexico mom. Way lucky that's for sure. Not sure about the backyards being the same here but who knows. What a story as well about Aunt Julia's baptism. The Lord works in mistirious ways. Yeah I can't spell in english lol. This week was a very good week once again here in México.

Okay, so the doctor doesn't know anything lol. I went there, he asked me two or three questions, sent me for xrays, then said I had a "sprained back," then gave me a prescription, shot and told me go back in 8 days. Yeah not going to happen. First of all didn't ask how the pain was or anything like any other doctor would. Didn't ask how often or when or why or my physical background. Yeah not going to listen to him. I know my body better than him lol. So the shot he gave me was the first shot in the butt I've ever gotten and loan behold it wasn't given to me by a man either. Yep that's right. A woman gave me a shot in the butt here in México. Haha going to a story to remember forever. I took the pills for two days and then had the chance to talk to Hermana Valadez about what happened. Evidently I'm one of the very few Americans that's ever been to the doctors because I told her exactly what should have happened and a bunch of stuff. She trusts me completely considering everything I've been through with my body and was very pleased that I had brought the xrays and the medicine to her as evidence that the doctor is just sucking money from the church. We'll see how much longer our missionaries go to him now. My feet are fine. Don't worry about them.

So this week was a very good week. We had a zone conference where I was told the night before that I had "Teaching Time." It's 20 min of the zone conference to teach some from PMG to the entire zone. Well unbenounced to me, Presidente Valadez and the Assistants were going to be there. That's fine. I gave my planned lesson anyway exactly how I wanted to. It went great. Presidente Valadez gave me a huge compliment saying in front of his Assistants and every missionary there that I had just set the standard for how we should teach as a mission and in "Teaching Time." I was very grateful for that compliment.

Right now this week we should be having our first baptism this Saturday. They are a really cool story. More on them next week. Their names are Miriam and Karen. Miriam is the mom and Karen is the daughter. Her husband was baptized in Oaxaca and now they will be baptized by their husband/dad. Way exciting.

Yesterday I gave my first class in church here in México in Gospel Principles. It went really good I thought. Last week isn't important. It's one of many stories that I have about the members here lol. More later. I found "the beast" from the Sandlot two weeks ago. He's huge and lives with one of the members here in our ward. Way Way WAY big. The next package you guys send, please include the cds from RM and Home Teachers. Yes that's right they have changed the rules and I can listen to church music on Monday. Way excited for that. I'm way excited for Uncle George and Aunt Julia as well. I will be there shortly for their sealing. Well I have to go. I wrote a letter to Aunt Julia and Uncle George. I also wrote a letter to all of you guys. One for Riley, Leslie and Mom and Dad. I love you all very much.

Elder Frazier

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