Sunday, November 11, 2012

Letter dated 10-01-12 but didn't recieve it until 10-31-12

Dear Family

How's everything going over there?  Things here are going great!  I am very excited to get things from you.  To answer your questions. 

1.  My companions name is first name, Elder, last name, Ruiz.  He is from Chihuahua Mexico.  He has two brothers, one sister, all members.  Likes to play soccer.  Wants to study medicine when he is done with his mission.  He has 15 months into his mission so he's getting really close to being done.  He is a very good missionary.  I am his third child in the mission.  He is also the District Leader as well.  We have a lot in common. 

2.  Riley first good job on your games and improving.  I'm very proud of you.   Second how are the grades?  No, I didn't have people to teach right off the bat.  We are both new and the precious missionaries didn't tell us anything or keep a good area book.  So we have had to find everyone they were teaching.  It has worked out very good for us.  Also 1 Nephi 3:7 is a fantastic scripture.  Also a scripture mastery and a scripture we use to show faith leads to action and obedience to God's commandments. 

3.  I honestly cannot tell yo9u everything I see why?  Because it is something I will tell when I get back from my mission.  Maybe.  It is a poverty area right here where we're at.  The church buildings aren't the same.  You all can look at my church building.  Its the the stake center w.  We live 2 blocks from it.  Iztapalapa stake center.  It is very beautiful.  we're really excited about the work here. 

4.  The food is very good.  I am not eating a lot, I am trying to stay in relatively good shape right now.  I have done a really good job so far.  I am starting to get a little bigger and tone right now.  25 minutes with a band isn't really enough to workout like I want to but I am just fine with that.  I will make it work.  As for smells, well,  yeah. Depends where we are at. 

5.  I wish we could play soccer.  It is a mission rule we can't play soccer.  I was really bummed to hear that basically we can't do any sports.

In other news everything here is going good.  Theres alots of work to be done as well here.  Lots Specifically in our ward.  We will see what happens.  I am one month in Mexico right now. Don't worry about me here.  Everything is going just fine.  I am safe and the work is progressing.  Thats all that matters.

I love you all,
Elder Austin Frazier

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