Sunday, November 11, 2012

Email 11-06-12

Good afternoon Mom. I'm so very excited to hear all that is going on at home. I have some questions. First, what the heck happened to the east coast? Are Amanda and Josh okay? Have you heard anything from Trevor or Mrs. Carr yet? I'm sad to hear about the decorations, and the costumes are sooooooo awesome!!! They look great. This past week was a very interesting one. We had a lot of success and got to have a meeting with Elder Benjamin De Hoyos of the 1st Quorom of the Seventy on Thursday. Wow! What a huge blessing that was. We are changing the mission here. We are no longer going to be tracting unless the Spirit tells us too. Instead we will now be visiting every member, nonmember, recent convert, less-active member and part-member family in our area and teaching them. We are only going to be knocking on doors or contacting in the street when the Spirit clearly tells us to do it. Pretty interesting. They've done it in three or four other areas in Mexico and have had outstanding results. Needless to say we are extremely excited. Halloween here was way different. The kids didn't go door to door for candy until November 1st or 2nd in some places. Way interesting. We also had another baptism this week. That was way awesome. She asked me to do it so I did. And it was a great honor. The reason why I'm writing today is because we changed our P-day so we could go to the temple :) Wow the temple is way awesome here. It looks like a Mayan Pyramid and is pretty big as well. It's also directly in the city and the Mexico City MTC is on the same campus as the temple. All in one little square. I have pictures. What was really cool was the fact that Elder Aznaran (my companion from the MTC) was there!!! He's lost a lot of weight lol. Elder Carver also, who was in my district, was there too! We took pictures. We'll be seeing each other in two weeks. Transfers are the 20th of this month. Crazy to think about that I am almost done with my third transfer of my mission. I have 14 left after this transfer. Way weird. I don't want to leave.

I'm really sad to hear about Ammon and his family. Have they talked with the bishop? Have they gone to the temple together lately? Have they been having family prayer and reading the scriptures together? These are things that are CRITICAL for a couple to survive in this world. I encourage you all to do this as well. Read the Book of Mormon every night for 5-10 min. It's not hard if you decide it's easy. I will be thinking of other things for Ammon. Send the missionaries of that ward to them and tell Ammon to continue saying his prayers. It's crucial for him to continue in the church. If he has to choose a parent it could completely destroy his testimony of the church. Also tell him that a missionary in Mexico City South Mission loves him and his family.

Elder Frazier

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