Sunday, November 11, 2012

Email 10-29-12

That's pretty awesome to hear all the amazing stuff that has been happening there at home. Things here are going very good. I'm very excited to hear all about the missions calls very exciting. Which Mexico City Mission?!?!?!?!?! There's six lol. That would be way cool if it is South. Hopefully. Yes I got your email. Everything is okay. We went to central today. The Central. With the country capital and huge cathedral and Royal Plaza. Wow!!! What a great day. I had such a good time and I have pictures also.

This last week was a very good week. We put a lot of very hard work in these past 8 weeks and we are starting to reap the rewards. Yesterday at 8 in the morning we had our first baptisms of the area (first baptisms of my mission). It was extremely awesome. We had 25 people there!!! This is really good here in Mexico. We also had 3 of our investigators there as well. I had the priviledge to baptize Belen. She is very shy at the beginning but now she talks to us quite frequently. Manuel was baptized by Elder Ruiz. Everything is going really good here. We also have another baptism this Saturday. Her name is Cecilia and her story is very interesting. Had the discussions with the missionaries before, got a little scared and left, then two weeks ago had a dream with missionaries in it telling her she needed to return to be baptized. Next day, she moved back into our area with a member of the church and yeah. She has her interview Wednesday and if all goes well there, her baptism will be Saturday. We are very excited to see that the Lord is helping us. We've seen many miracles here in this area. We're working really hard.

I'm very excited to hear that Riley is working hard and has good friends. That's important. If he can keep it up it will be very awesome for all of them. I'm extremely excited to hear about his straight A's. More than anything that is what I am most happy for with the family right now. That is great. ¡Felicidades mi hermano! He will do great things if he keeps it up which I know he will. Okay this does not sound like Leslie. Why didn't she do her homework. She knows grades are first. Lying about it doesn't make it any better. I'm sure you've already talked with her about it so I won't say anymore about it. She knows better is all I can say.

I'm very excited to hear all about what is going on at home. Tell Brother Downey muchas gracias y felicidades por el futuro llamamiento de su hijo. (Thank you and congratulations on the mission call in the future). Sé que su hijo va a hacer muchas buenas cosas en la misión porque él tiene un buen padre en su vida. (I know that your son will do many great things in the mission because he has a good father in his life). Interesting about your email. Haha didn't notice until you told me.

Okay so what is happening with Nettie? I would like to see what she did with her hair so I can know what I need to tell her. I've seen many interesting things in my mission and the first thing to change on people when they aren't attending church is their appearance. They then turn to different activities and about halfway through this the Spirit leaves. This is not good. Well we have to go. I love you. I bought a very good map today as well. :))

Love always

Elder Frazier

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