Sunday, November 11, 2012

Email 10-15-12

Hola mi familia. Cosas aquí son muy buenos. Sí recibí las cartas y la paquete de ustedes también. (Things here are very good. Yes I received your letters and package also.) Thank you for that. That's too bad to hear about Leslie. Hopefully everything will be okay with her. That's great to hear about the game with Riley. Glad to hear everything is going good with him. Pero I thought his birthday was Sunday or am I going crazy here in Mexico. I as well am looking forward to Conference as well. We are hoping to have at least 20 investigators at the conference. Tell Leslie good luck with dance as well. I hope she enjoys it.
Things here this week were really good and challenging as well. Our baptisms are still set, but we are unsure if we will have them. Pablo y Carolina had an appointment to get married for Friday and they showed up and had everything ready, the witnesses, paperwork, everything. Then they found out the price...957 pesos to be married. This is not good for them because they were expecting 250 to 500 pesos. So they didn't get married. Now they are looking for another place to be married which is difficult because Pablo works every day except Thursdays and Fridays right now. Manuel y Belen are doing very good in every aspect of the conversion process except coming to church. They didn't go to church this week again. We don't know why. We find out tomorrow. I have faith it was something unavoidable. Their baptism might have to be moved back a week we're not sure yet. They also need to get married. So they are looking for a place to get married and also for a new apartment. We're helping them look too. All of our other investigators are doing very good. We found new investigators this week too. We have 7 investigators committed to baptism. Pablo, Carolina, Manuel, Belen, Anahi, Elena, y Priscila all have committed to baptism. I committed Elena y Priscila to baptism. We're going to set a date with them on our next visit. Way cool with them. We found them in our area book under antiguo investigadores and decided to stop by. Elena is 40s or close to that and Priscila her daughter is 11 years old. They are way awesome. We also found Rosa last week and Maria de Carmen this week also. Both have friends who are members. We're excited for them as well. I'm going to write a letter today and when I get some stamps I'll send it.

Love you all.

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