Sunday, November 11, 2012

Letter dated 09-10, but didn't recieve it until October 1st

Hola Mi Familia

Thats right, this is my first letter from Mexico.  I will be sending one letter a month.  More if my money permits. Pero right now ine because I don't know what the cost is yet.

Life here is a lot of fun and work.  Things are relatively cheap here.  Nothing too expensive. So my first companion in Mexico is a native.  His name is Elder Ruiz.  He is from Chihuahna, Mexico.  Has 3 brothers and sisters (1 brother and 2 sisters), likes to eat food, likes to be clean, speaks a tiny bit of English and likes to play soccer.  He has 10 months left and after our first 3 months together is possibly when we will get changes.  He is really cool.

As of right now we have....0 progressing investigators.  We are "white washing" an area meaning they took the two missionaries that were here out and put in two new missionaries who have never been to this area (us).  This is both good and bad.  Good because we are new, noone has any preconceptions about us so we have fresh slates.  Bad because for the last month, the missionaries didn't keep any records of what's been going on.  Which means, we get to find all the people they were teaching, get to know them, figure out what they've been taught, and then start teaching.  Just a touch difficult.  We also realized very quickly that we have a lot of work to do in our ward.  Evidently theres 300-500 members, but only 80 are active.  Lots of work to do here. 

Our apartment has two beds, living/kitchen room, bathroom w/ shower and another room.  Its about the size as our living room and the kitchen combined.

We have found quite a few investigators.  Right now we have 12 new investigators.  They are all types of ages and we hope to find more.  We know we will we just have to do it.  Something that is changing is the fact that this November we will no longer be able to street contact, knock on doors or go tracting, the members have to do that now.  This will be interesting. 

I love you all my family.  I hope you are all doing well. Can't wait to read email today.

Yours truly,

Elder Frazier

PS I have not gotten sick yet, (knock on wood) Just a couple of mosquito bites.

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