Sunday, November 11, 2012

Email 10-22-12

I'm doing really good. Everything is going really good here in our area. That's too bad to hear about the team. Sounds like a great game though. Wish I could say I was there, but I was here working hard :) Things here were a bit difficult this week. We were going to have the baptisms of Manuel and Belen yesterday after services, but then Manuel got sick again and they felt it was best to wait until this week. So we are going to have a two baptisms Sunday Morning at 8 before services so that they can be confirmed in Sacrament at 11. We are very excited. That's fine with Trevor and Mrs. Carr. I can wait to send their letters til next week. I received the package from grandma and grandpa yesterday. I am very excited about this because it means that I now have STAMPS!!!!!!! I can write you all letters and mail them. Maybe not one every week, but one every other week for sure if this is okay with you guys. That's good to hear work is going good for you guys. I'm excited to hear from you. Did you get my pictures that I sent last week? If not let me know and I can send them again. We're having a blast here, but we both know one of us will be leaving our area on the 20th of November. We will be have transfers that day and we'll find out the 18th who is going and what they will be doing. It's been great here. We're hoping to go to the temple next week just us. Not to do a session, but to visit the store to buy things that we need. I´m really excited for that. Hopefully we´ll get to do that. Not many big stories this week. That's cool to hear Riley's at Cispus. He'll have a blast there. It's a lot of fun. Sad to hear that football is over. I feel old right now because I've got almost 4 months in the mission. Pretty interesting to think about really. Well I love you all. Oh please tell Grandpa and Grandma to tell President Pinegar they must've changed the mission president because now the mission president is President Valadez and tell them I love them very much. Also I'm assuming Nettie hasn't gotten the letter yet or you would've heard about it. Tell Brother Downey I miss him and hope all is well.

Love you.

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