Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Email 11-12-12

Great to hear from you as well. I'm glad you are enjoying the emails. I have another letter for you guys with two nametags but I wasn't able to send it. I'll be sending a package to you guys within the next two weeks with shirts and shorts I don't need along with the nametags and maybe some other stuff. I'm glad to hear that my letters are getting there faster. That's good to hear. Thank you for the package as well. I wrote a letter to Nettie today and should be there in about three weeks. Something to encourage her. She won't be expecting it. There's reasons for everything and that's something I have learned a little here in the mission lol.

That's really good to hear about Riley wrestling. Sorry to hear about the two losses. How does he feel about wrestling? Does he take it as seriously as his football. Please tell him something for me. Don't listen to what anyone says about how you are doing that isn't your coach or family. The people in Washington are going to start talking about him and asking why isn't he like me. Don't let ANYONE compare him to me. It's not right. Especially dad. He is a different person than me and has different talents. However he should be giving it his all every day like I know he does in football. But most of all tell Riley I'm very proud of him and I love him. Tell Riley to keep being a good friend to Ammon. He needs them. If Ammon finds the wrong friends things could go very bad. Especially right now because he is becoming his own person. Trying to find himself. He needs to be extremely careful and know that his Heavenly Father loves him too.

I won't find out about being transferred now until the 25th. We are changing things again. Of course I'll let you all know where I'll be serving and what I'll be doing. As of right now it looks like I could be staying in Olivos for another transfer. That would be fine with me. I really like this area right now. There's a lot of good things happening in this area. A lot of the missionaries here say that it is more common to stay in your first area for 4 and a half months to 6 months so we'll see. I'm really excited for everything that is happening right now. I'm glad that the family is okay and I'm sorry to hear about the big storms back east. Got to be tough for them. Yeah I know about Obama. All the people here have been asking me about how I feel. I don't know lol. Don't know anything that has been happening. Something really interesting is that apparently I've lost about 6 to 8 lbs since I got here to Mexico. I've started working out a lot harder now too. Going to be more diligent in this lol.

Well I love you all. Please tell everyone this.

Elder Frazier

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