Monday, March 25, 2013

Email 03-10-13

Howdy howdy family.

First thank you so much for writing me this week. It's been a month since I've heard from you guys. I've been extremely worried. Things here are doing okay. We're still working really hard and having a lot of fun.

Today we went to Zocálo again. That was way fun!! We bought some Lucha Libre masks, like the ones from Nacho Libre. I also bought a pretty awesome sweater. It will be perfect for the cold mornings that we have. It's way cool seeing all the stuff here. I had a lot of fun going to see the Cathedral again. What a blast. We definitely saw a lot more Americans this time. Probably because it's Spring Break.

Elder Townsend and I are doing great. We're really working hard and trying to do the best we can with the Bishop and Leaders of the Church. Yesterday was a toughy in church with the Priests not being very reverent in the Sacrament and the First Counselor, my favorite person in the world, thinking he's all that and screws up the order of the Sacrament meeting. Little tough. Elder Townsend wasn't too happy. He's way excited to be going home. We talk a lot about what he's going home too. We talk about our exs and everything so he knows what to do with his ex when he gets home. He's awesome. Him and I have been working so hard in fact, we are planning on a baptism this week. We're way excited. We still need to teach her some stuff, but she's ready. It'll be nice for Elder Townsend to baptize his last Saturday in the mission. With that being said, yes that means we have transfers again. I'll find out Sunday who will be coming to the ward. That's pretty cool.

I'm excited to hear about Riley and Leslie. That's way awesome they are loving Rugby. Can't wait to play it. That'll be a lot of fun for them and help them stay out of trouble. So I have absolutely no idea what happened with Regionals or State or Delta or Nationals. What happened in those tournaments. That's cool to hear that Nettie wants to go see you guys. I got a letter from her like five weeks ago. It's was interesting lol. No haven't been receiving any letters or anything. Been interesting these last couple of weeks. Really quiet. Well I love you guys so much. Thank you a lot for everything. My birthday I will be going to church and then working the rest of the night. That'll be way fun. I'm really excited. Can't believe that I'm going to be 20. That's crazy. Love you all. Take care.

Elder Frazier
(We had been emailing, every monday, every week.  He hadn't been getting them for some reason.  We were able to fix the situation and so far he is recieving our emails again.)

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