Monday, February 25, 2013

Email 02-25-13

Howdy howdy my family. How's everyone doing?

This past week was a great week. Not only because we taught a lot of lessons to Less Active Members, but also because of my new companion, the announcement of 8 new missions here in Mexico and I got a package from you guys.

First we'll start with the lessons. This week my companion and I, found a lot of people that we had been looking for that are Less Actives. It was really cool to see all the diversity in the ward. We have poor people, old people, rich people, young families, and all kinds of things. We even have Americans in the ward. It's pretty cool. We're way excited. This week we taught 19 lessons to the Less Actives, Recient Converts, and Actives here in the ward. That's a lot of teaching. We also did a lot of walking this week. We are even more tan than when we started this week. Pretty awesome I think.

Alright about my new companion. He is way awesome. I'm way excited that he is my first American companion. His name is Elder Joshua Townsend. He's from Murray, Utah, has a family of 12, him included, and he's pretty tall. He has 23 months and 1 week in the mission. He'll be going home here pretty soon, 3 weeks. That's pretty crazy. He's a typical Utah city boy, but he's got the same personality as me. We get along real good. To tell the truth he will probably be my favorite companion in the mission. We do a lot of excercise in the morning and we like the same movies. We definitely drop Tommy Boy quotes at night. It's pretty awesome. At night we can't breathe hardly. We're definitely loving life here in Tlaltenco. We might have some battles with the bishop before it's over, but who knows. Depends on how long I'll be here.

So we were notified on Wednesday that in Mexico there will be 8 new missions beginning July 1st. Well that's cool and dandy if it didn't concern our mission. Yes that is right. One of the new missions will be called the Mexico Chalco Mission. It will take the stake Meyehualco from the Mexico City South Mission...the stake I'm in right now. With this new mission as well, we'll also be losing two other stakes to the Mexico City Southeast Mission. So you may ask what does this have to do with me. Well the announcement also came that 45 missionaries from our mission will be being transfered to one of these two missions. Either the Chalco Mission or the Southeast Mission within the next couple of months. That's pretty cool and a little sad as well. I don't know what will happen. I won't know until June I think either. Pretty exciting to see the Lord's work advancing so fast now.

Yes I did recieve your package. Thank you very much for the CDs. We love them. We've listened to like four songs from the Work CD and it's pretty awesome. We thought the mom song was really good as well. I hope everything is going good up there for you guys. I love you all very much. Have a good week.
Elder Frazier

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