Saturday, December 15, 2012

Email 12-09-12

Things are going really good here. I'm very excited to hear all about what is going on at home. It's nice to hear all about that. Right now things are going better in our area. I was pretty sure it was a concusion. That's too bad to hear about Riley. I hope he is okay with it. I know he's a stud.I love him very much. I'm very excited to hear that you guys got my letters as well. That's way good. I wrote another letter to you guys today as well. Grandpa and Grandma as well. I'm really excited to hear about Leslie. Great to hear she likes a sport. That will be good for her. I'm so so so so excited to hear that Aunt Julia will be getting baptized!! How wonderful. Uncle George is a great man. I'm very proud of them and what they are doing. That will be a huge blessing to them.

This week we worked really hard. We did a lot of walking. Trying to find all the members in our area, trying to find new investigators, and everything. We worked very hard. Right now we are doing really good. We had interviews with Presidente Valadez this week as well. When I was with him he told me that they are very proud and impressed in how much I have improved. He said that they have high expectations for me and are looking forward to what I will be doing in this mission. He's extremely impressed and grateful that I'm in the mission. I'm way excited. He also told Elder Canche that I would be being transferred after this transfer. Really interesting. Means I'll be having a different area in January. We'll see. Things are going very good. I'm way excited for Christmas eventhough it doesn't feel like Christmas at all here. However, as you will see in the pictures, we have a tiny Christmas Tree. Way exciting really. Now I just need to find some hot chocolate and we'll be golden.

I'm so excited and grateful for this mission. Really. This mission is the best thing. Every good thing in my life after the mission will be a result of my mission. I'm way excited to be here. I don't have all the details of what is going on with Christmas and how I'll be calling you or how you'll be calling me. I'll see how it works out this week. This next week I'll be going to the temple as well. I'm so very grateful for that as well. It will be nice to enter into the Lord's house.

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