Sunday, November 11, 2012

Email 09-10-12

¡Hola mi familia!
I am in México ahora in a street side internet place thing. Es muy differente. I am here in my first area and everything went really good for my flights and everything. Hay muchas cosas para hablar sobre ( There are many things to talk about). First I am serving in the Ward called Olivos. It is in Tláhuac. It is really awesome being here. It is a lot different than being back at home. I am in a pretty poor area. There is no carpet anywhere. The only place I've seen carpet is in the tiny bishop's office. Everything else is concrete. You all can look at some of my streets on the internet. What you do is go to Sign in. Go under maps. Click on the part that shows missions, or wards too. Type in Olivos, Tláhuac, DF, México. If that doesn't work, type in Francisco Jose Ayuno, in Tláhuac, DF, México. Then what you do is right click the street and a little tiny square should pop up and hopefully there is something that says, street view underneath a little tiny picture. Click that and you should be able to go straight to street view and be able to look around at some of my streets. I live on Calle Francisco Jose Ayuno and close to the other Calle Elixir de Amor. You would like looking at those tonight possibly. Hopefully you all like it and hopefully it works. Remember you have to be signed in.
Now in other news, my companion's name is Elder Luiz Ruiz. He is from Chihuahua, México. He's very very cool. He's been in the mission for 14 months. Very good at talking with people, and he's also really good at throwing tarjetas (cards). That's how we're letting everyone know we are here. There's big garage door gates so we have to throw them over because there´s apartments inside. We´re working very hard. Right now we´re whitewashing an area. It´s complicated to explain what that means but I did in my letter to you all. (en mi carta para ustedes). It´s raining and I gotta go. I love you all.
Elder Austin Frazier

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