Sunday, November 11, 2012

Email 08-23-12

Buenos Dias mi mama.
Today is going to be my last time emailing in the US. I fly out on Monday morning. My flight plans got changed so that instead of leaving the MTC at 6 AM and having a straight flight to Mexico City, we now leave at 3 AM and fly to Fort Worth, Texas, have a two and a half hour layover, then fly to Mexico City. We will arrive in Mexico City at 2:25 their time so 12:25 your time. I'll be landing in Fort Worth at around 9:25 their time so I'll be calling you around 7:45 in the morning. I'll try to call Dad as well. I know he will be working so I'll call the cell phone and if he doesn't answer I'll just leave a message. I bought a phone card to use because we'll be in Texas when I call. We're almost done packing here. We're going to wash clothes and then pack and weigh our stuff. I am switching how I'm packing my suitcase. I am putting most of my clothes in my duffle bag my books in my backpack and then everything else will be in my suitcase. I am doing this in case they lose my bag, that way I will have the important things with me. I'll be just fine on weight I'm positive. I'll make it work. Right now with most of my stuff packed in my suitcase it weighs 40 lbs so I've got 8 more lbs just to be safe left in this bag. I still get around 33 more lbs in my duffle bag as well so I'll be just fine. As the missionaries said, they did do a lot of role play and that's what we do. However, the english speaking missionaries aren't here as long as we are so they aren't able to form that same bond and love that we have for our investigators. Our teachers are so good at role playing that it is basically the real deal. So the answer to that question is yes and no. However, Elder Aznaran and I have our first "baptism" saturday with Gabriel. We would have two being baptized this saturday, but Rogelio "moved" back to Mexico. Can't wait to be in Mexico. I love you all. If you have time try to have a balance for me today or have one for when I call please.
Elder Austin Frazier

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