Sunday, November 11, 2012

3rd Letter from the MTC 08-02-12

Dear Family,

¿ Có mo Está n ? I hope your week wasn’t as sad as ours was. This week definitely took a toll on our district. We started the week with seven elders. However, Elder Jones from Rigby, did an honorable thing. Elder Jones went home early on Tuesday morning. He needed to clear some things up. Monday night I felt the impression that we needed to give him a blessing of comfort, so I woke people up and our district gave him a blessing. We’re praying to see him come back in six months.

Another thing that made this really hard was the fact Elder Parker Smith left for his area Tuesday morning as well. I’ve now seen three of my Delta friends come and go and I’ve seen Elder Johns come and go as well. It’s an exciting and sad thing all at the same time to see these elders leave here.

The week did turn up. Elder Aznaran and I are sharing time much more better in our lessons. Mostly me helping him, but what’s important is he is speaking in our lessons.

Probably the best thing I’ve seen all week was seeing Elder Damon Moody in my residence hall!! That is the gospel working miracles right there and the influence of what great friends (Elder Willoughby) can do in someone’s life.

I also received a card from Grandma and Grandpa which contained money. This was an answer and direction from Heavenly Father, because for the past couple days I had wondered, “How am I going to get this Laotian Book of Mormon to Kelleena’s family?” The answer came with that card from Grandma and Grandpa.

I also received your letter about George y Julia! You will not believe this, but about 3 weeks ago, my teacher picked me to play as an investigator of someone I knew very will. I picked Uncle George. We went through an entire lesson of me being Uncle George in front of the class. The point being that it was interesting how I received inspiration as to what Uncle George would say in this lesson. And the hope is that, that lesson would transfer into something in real life. I know it did! The gospel is true. Do not doubt ever. I love you all very much. I’m sure Riley and Leslie are getting excited to start school. I am getting excited to leave.

Yours Truly,

Elder Austin Frazier

P.S. I get to eat Rabbit in Mexico City!!!!

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