Sunday, November 11, 2012

1st Letter from the MTC 07-12-12

Dear Family,

How are you guys doing? I'm sorry this hasn't come earlier, but our P-days are on Thursday and we didn't get one last thursday so this is my first letter and P-day.

Things here at the MTC or CCM (for us spanish speakers) are going very good. We're really busy during the day. I'm making progress with the language. It's tough. As always I can understand it but speaking is a whole different story.

I'm rooming with 3 other elders, Elder Carber, Elder Chronister, and Elder Aznaran. Elder carver is from Draper area, Elder Chronister is from Vegas and my companion is from Mattowa (?), Washington. We all get along very well in our room. All four of us are going to Mexico City South. We're stoked.

Elder Aznaran and I have already taught our first "investigator". We did very well our first three lessons, but our fourth didn't go so well. Something we can improve on though.

There are 12 Elders in our District. 4 going to Bolivia, 4 going to Mexico City West, and 4 going to Mexico City South. We are all very close. Our Bolivia Elders are only here til the 24th though because they get to go to the Peru CCM. Lucky dogs. Our district leader is Elder Bowman and turns out he and I played football against each other. He's from Granstville.

Time here at CCM flies by, but it feels so long at the same time. Last week feels way more longer than a weeks. It feels like it has been a month. I love you my family.

Yours truly,

Elder Austin Frazier

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