Monday, March 25, 2013

Email 03-18-13

Wow there's a lot of stuff here. I got all the forwards. I'm going to have to print them out to save time and I'll get back with you guys next week on any questions that you guys had. Sounds like a great time for you guys at home. Some big wrestling stuff. I'm definitely loving all that of course. This last week was a very great week. Elder Townsend and I had a great last week together and we ended his last transfer baptizing. What a great week.

Alright first I'll start off with the bad news from this week. Yes there is bad news. Mom don't freak out. Dad you can't freak out either. So on Friday morning, I always get up and light the boiler so we can have warm water to shower with in the morning. So I go to light the pilot light and it lights up and then I do everything else normal. Well when I hit the ignition button, the pilot light went out. I thought that was weird, but not unusual. It sometimes happens. So I put the lighter in to light the pilot light again and all of a sudden I hear a woooosh. I closed my eyes turned my head and jumped to the side. Unfortunately it was a little too late. The woosh was a backfire and a huge flame came out burning my eyelashes, my right eyebrow, and right side of my hair. However, I wish I could say those were the only things that got burnt. My right hand received first degree burns and the flame actually went up my sweatershirt arm and gave me slight burns all the way up to my tricep. Pretty crazy morning. I'm just fine. Everything is healing perfectly like it should be. I'm in perfect health otherwise.

This last Saturday, Elder Townsend and I had a baptism. Her name is Laura, she's 27, and is now officially a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She asked me to perfom the baptism. That was pretty cool seeing as how I haven't baptized in about 5 months. The members were making jokes at me saying I wouldn't be able to baptize her. Well I showed them lol. Like I've said before, I'm not short, I'm compact. She was also confirmed yesterday. It was a great way to end Elder Townsend's mission. He was super excited. He asked me at the beginning of the transfer if we were going to have a baptism this transfer. I told him yes. I told him I didn't know who, but that we would have a baptism his last Saturday in the mission and the Lord helped us do that with Laura. What a fantastic transfer.

Alright so you guys know, Elder Townsend will be looking you guys up and maybe even calling you guys here within the next couple of weeks. So if you see a call from Utah or a facebook invitation from Joshua Lincoln Townsend, it's him. Him and I have gotten really close. He's way awesome. I did also receive the book you guys sent me. Thank you very much for the birthday package. I'm way excited for my birthday. I'll be working a little less than I thought though on my birthday...

Well because Elder Townsend is ending his mission that means that I have transfers again and boy oh boy do we have some news. I was told last night that I would be training in my area, as .......... District Leader. I've been assigned to be a District Leader here in the mission now. That is way crazy. I'm the only one in my generation that is training. Elder Chronister also will be a District Leader in a different Zone. Him and I feel the same way about this lol. I have no idea if I'll be training an American or if I'll be training a Hispanic. It'll be very interesting. we should be receiving about 30 missionaries this transfer. That's insane. I'm really excited for the District that I have. They are way cool and are ready to work. I think. We'll see after one week.

I love you all so much. Have a great week you guys. You're all very awesome.

Elder Frazier

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