Sunday, January 6, 2013

Email 12-16-12

Okay there's a lot to talk about this week and I don't have a lot of time. Yes I received the package from you guys. I have not received the second package from Grandma and Grandpa. Don't worry we won't open anything until the 25th. Elder Canche was very excited to get something as well. Okay so as of right now we're not sure how we're going to call home. We're looking for members. What will happen is I'll be calling you guys at either 12 or 1 your time. In this call I will be giving you the number in which you will be calling me back. I'll have a max of 40 min to talk to you guys. If I don't call by 12 or 1 I will call around 4. Don't worry. I have good/bad news. As of right now, I will be returning home from my mission two weeks early. This is do in part of what will be happening here in our mission. It won't have anything to do with health or worthiness. Simply that I'll be returning home 2 weeks early.  (In talking to him later, he said it has to do with the age change of the missionaries, and the influx of new missionaries)
This week was very good. I had a lot of fun. However, do to in part that our district leader isn't very smart, we didn't go to the temple. I'll explain later. This last week we had our Christmas program as well in my first area. I saw Elder Ruiz and he's doing good. We talked and they are having a lot of success there. I'm way excited. We also are having a lot of success as well. In the Christmas program, I sang in a trio. Yeah imagine that!! I sang in a trio. I evidently can sing lol. It was a lot of fun. I liked it. I'm glad you like the pictures. Our area is very nice and peaceful. We don't tract anymore in Mexico. It's pretty interesting lol. I'm glad to hear all is well with Riley and Leslie. I'll talk more with them later. I received a letter from Sister Cronin. Please Please Please tell her thank you. It was the first letter I'd received in about a month. Also tell her that I'm writing her and everyone else that wrote me a letter back. It will be in the mail in about two weeks. Ask for the name of Marissa Hatch's brother as well please lol. I think he wrote me something very very interesting lol. Hope all is well with you guys. I can't wait to talk with you all on Christmas. It will be a lot of fun. I'm also now very excited to open my present and stocking. What kind of clothing costs 120 dollars!!!!! We'll talk more about that later. I love you all very very much. One week.
Elder Frazier

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